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Due to my no longer wishing to converse with Evanyell, which I will not go into detail on, I will not be roleplaying with her any further. Considering my character has children with hers, Allenforth as a character is virtually unplayable as is, without having to make him a deadbeat father. As such, in my roleplay, I will not be making use of the children that Allenforth and Evanyell had together. They simply won’t exist. It is the only way to keep things fair for myself as a roleplayer when I do not have access to such NPCs.


A Simple Prayer

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Give me the strength,
to bring you in closer.
Oh, bless this day,
and the freedom that came.

Send me a sign.

Send me a sign.

Help me to see,
life in full color.
The child in me,
has long since been gone.

When I fall down,
will you be around?

When I fall down,
will you be around?

Philip and William

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“I’ll have the kids back to you by Sunday evening, don’t worry.” He said to her with the baby bundled in his arms, and Philip by his side. Evanyell and Allenforth were as bitter towards each other than ever, and it seemed as though they wouldn’t be reconciling in any manner for some time. He grasped onto the baby bag that she had placed upon his shoulder and left her cottage, making his way back to his home in Redridge. Everything appeared just as it had before they left, though, admittedly, the non-presence of a woman was ever present in his farmhouse. It wasn’t dirty by any means, but it lacked a womanly charm.

Allen carried Little Will up to his room, which had been vacant since they left. Setting him up with his favorite toys, which Evanyell had put in the bag, Allenforth’s brother Christopher watched over the little boy as William and Philip went downstairs to begin preparing dinner. Chicken and rice with vegetables, he thought would be a good meal for the two growing boys.

“I’m really happy to see you again, Daddy. I thought you weren’t going to come back.” The boy says, beaming.

“Of course I came back, Philip. I could never leave my sons behind. Just because Mommy and I aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean I don’t love you any less. And Philip, son, if you want to go hunting tomorrow morning, make sure you get that homework done.” William says.

“Hunting, daddy? Well… I’ve been training as a Paladin, and he says that as a Paladin, I can’t use guns. So how can I hunt?” Philip asks curiously.

“Well, Phil, you don’t have to be a Paladin, and you don’t have to be a Warrior, or a hunter, or anything. You can be whatever you want. Continue to train as a Paladin if that’s what you want to do, but know that no one can ever make you, it’s your decision. You can still go hunting with me tomorrow, while being a Paladin. Just, eventually, you’ll have to decide which one you like more. Okay?” William says to Philip with a smile, and an encouraging pat on the shoulder.

“Alright. I want to go hunting tomorrow and get better with my gun. I liked it last time.”, says Philip.

William nods as he begins grilling the chicken.

“I’m glad to have you by my side again, Philip. You’re the best son a father could ask for.”


William’s Journal: Tidal Wave

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Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

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Dear Journal,

“Love is like a red, red rose. When you first get it, it’s vibrant, beautiful, and smells lovely. And then when you least expect it, that beautiful rose turns a sickly color and withers away. Such is the past six years I spent with Evanyell Lightshire. From the time I was a sixteen year old boy, I had vied for her. By the time I reached the age of maturity, we were together. We got married, had a child, adopted a son. Somewhere in there, though, she decided that she didn’t love me. While I have my own faults, and I had a hard time with jealousy issues (She did get romantic with another man during our marriage), I have to wonder. Evanyell is over one-hundred and fifty years old, and still has not found a steady man. I have to wonder if it’s really just because she can’t stay with one man for too long; she gets bored of them.

But alas, I’ve learned my lesson, and it’s time to move on. If Evanyell has decided I am no longer of interest to her, then best of luck to her to find another man; but I cannot dwell. For a long time I sat, I thought, I pondered, I wondered, and admittedly, I cried.  Where did I go wrong in this life? Where will I go next? I still love Evanyell, there’s no getting over that. Her divorce from me was sudden, and I still don’t quite understand it. Rather than dwelling on it for the rest of my existence, I sought out the guidance of a new friend that I’m becoming quite close to. She said to me that if Evanyell can so easily divorce me and move on with her life as if our relationship never mattered or existed, then Evanyell doesn’t deserve me anyway, and I should just look for a new horizon. So, that is what I will do. If Evanyell really did still want me, or loved me, she would have said so by now.

I found myself slipping into insanity for a time. I am still not entirely sane. I wear full armor around the City, helmet and all. I don’t talk to many, apart from my new friend and previous friends. Starting anew is difficult. I resigned from the Reserves a week back, and enlisted into an exploration regiment of sorts. The group appears quite small, but I think I’m going to like that. Something new, something small, something… exciting. And a way to get my mind off of the bad things going on right now.

I have no idea what Evanyell is doing with either of my children, but I hope to see them soon. I love them, I really do. And even though it hurts, I still love Evanyell.  I just wish I thought more clearly earlier on in life: People had warned me about Evanyell, but I didn’t listen. Not once.

I was young.”

– William

The Road Ends Here

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Dear Journal,

“She didn’t even leave me in person. She left me through a letter. When I arrived home, she was already gone. To think, the woman that I had been with for so many years would leave me just like that, was heartbreaking. She couldn’t deal with my problems… my past injury was due to one of her Candle members.

Six years, all for nothing; just for her to leave and never return. I need much time to think. The Reserves will have to sit tight for a while, I need to find myself; wherever that may be, I don’t know. Evanyell probably had another suitor ready, that’s why she left so quickly.”


Nightmares and Dreamscapes: Finale

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It rained hard that day. Work was business as usual in the Stormwind City Reserves. William Allenforth spent most of his day in the courtyard of the Command Center, making attempts at recruiting new soldiers, talking to his Sergeants, and filing the masses of paperwork that found their way onto his desk day in and day out. With a yawn and a stretch, he looked around the stone courtyard, squinting his eyes to peer through the exit way. Usually during lunch time, Evanyell would come to see him, bringing Little Will along with her in his bjorn. They would exchange greetings, talk about their day, have some lunch, and then she would go into the Command Center and feed the baby. But this time… this time she never came.

The General stood there for another twenty minutes, pacing back and forth, before leaving the Command Center and making his way to the Cathedral to see Evanyell. He knew some kind of church business must have came up, so he was going to go see her instead. Walking through the city, most people gave him warm nods, and greetings of acceptance. The occasional criminal sort would jeer or spit at him, but he was used to that kind of treatment. Using his plated fist, he’d rub the spit into his armor and offer them a smile.

“Thanks for the polish.”, he said to them with a grin.

As he approached the Cathedral, a gangily looking initiate to the Candle approached him, as he could tell from their tabard. Their words, however, frightened him.

“Have you seen High Priestess Allenforth, sir?” they said with a look of curiosity.

“She hasn’t come in today?”, said Allenforth with a wide-eyed look of shock spread across his face.

“No… not yet.”

Without a second response to the initiate, he whipped around and ran. He ran, farther and farther, through the Gates of Stormwind, through the Forests of Elwynn, and into the Redridge Mountains. The farmhouse looked fine to him, no signs of an attack, or anything. For all he knew, she could have overslept, but something in his heart told him otherwise. Breaking down the door to his house, he dashed through his home, sliding on his plated boots to the kitchen, a sloshing sound pattering against the floor. Looking up at him was a sea of red, Evanyell nestled in the middle. A gaping wound protruded from her chest as she presumably bled out on the floor. Falling to his knees, his eyes caught level with something else. By her body, a torn tabard cloth. Red. Red cloth.

“No… I said I would never let anything harm her! I won’t! Not like this!”

The scene faded, turned black, only for a moment. As his eyes caught color again, he was in the corner of the kitchen. Evanyell was scrubbing away at dishes while singing a Thalassian ballad, completely unaware of what was happening behind her. From the door of his home, A Scarlet militant snuck inside and approached her, sword drawn. Allenforth gasped and snuck forward himself. Before the assassin could reach her, he tucked his head downward and slammed himself into them, crashing through the door of his house, laying out the Scarlet into the dirt outside his home. He wouldn’t allow her harm. As soon as they hit the ground, the lake in Redridge rose, higher and higher, collapsing forward onto their home, washing out the horrible nightmare.

Allen woke up in a sweat, panting. He felt a sense of relief, a weight coming off of his shoulders, and in his new found free feeling, he basked.

“Even the darkest nightmare fades when confronted.”